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Graduation Requirements

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Masters Degree Conferment Conditions

  1. 1. Those that have acquired more than 30 credits
  2. 2. Those that have average grade of above 3.00 for the acquired credits
  3. 3. Those that have passed the qualifying exams (foreign language and comprehensive exams)

    Qualifications for Application

    • - A graduate student that is attending school and has acquired a grade higher than the passing grade on the English exam can apply for the comprehensive exam, and the qualifications are as follows.
    • - Master : Those that have completed 2 semesters and have acquired more than 15 credits
    • - English exam : Master:TOEIC 600
                                     Doctor:TOEIC 700

    Comprehensive Exam Courses for Application

    • - Dept. of Medical Device Engineering and Management : 1 common course, 1 mandatory course (total 2 courses)
      ※ Courses from other majors or electives taken as part of credit exchange cannot be taken for the comprehensive exam.

    Pass Criterion

    • - Score of 70 or above out of 100 is considered the passing grade for the written exam. A grade of A0 or above will also be considered a passing grade.
      ※ If one receives a failing grade in one of the courses for the comprehensive exam, he/she must re-apply for the particular course. (Common courses: same course, mandatory courses: same course or another mandatory course)
  4. 4. Those that have been registered for more than 4 semesters and have received thesis (or project) research guidance for more than 1 semester
  5. 5. Those that have passed the main evaluation of the thesis (or project)
  6. 6. Those that have not been enrolled for more than 4 years. However, periods of leave of absence, expulsion, and 2-year extension under approval of the Dean will not be considered.